Robo smart Lab and Help India Collaboration

Mar 17 2021 4:11PM 0 Comments, 410 Visits

Robo smart Lab and Help India collaborate to teach Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on the affordable cost and franchise model to every child in India
Robo smart Lab appointed MFA Dr. Pawan Kumar Pareek and Dr. Jagdish Pareek in Advisory Board. Gold Medalist in Finance and Marketing from Indian Business School Hyderabad, Dr. Jagdish Pareek has done his Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Author of many books Dr. Pareek is significantly contributing to Social and Educational reforms and helping Many social and small-scale entrepreneurs to make their mark.
The mission of Robo Smart labs of extending quality digital education to every kid and to develop a defined Robotics Education system by setting up thousands of Ultra modern Robotics Learning Centres.



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