Frequently Asked Questions

HIO Foundation FAQ answers questions about who we are, where we work,
how we save lives, when we respond to disasters and what you can do to help.

What is Help India Online foundation?

Help India Online foundation is a hybrid organisation. It is a mission driven, affiliate foundation, or Non-profit organization that helps people online in fundraising, donate to charities and solve social issues.

How can I register with HIO?

Anybody can join the community. He/She must have to complete or update KYC with our esteemed organisation to get time to time update related different tasks of society.

How does NPO work?

Non Profit Organization doesn't gain any benefits for its owner. Instead, the organization donates the money it receives to help fund the organization’s objectives and goals. A not-for-profit might also use received donations to stay up and running.

How NPO benefits individuals?

A nonprofit corporation can be formed for any lawful purpose in most, if not all, states. A nonprofit corporation for the benefit of a single person would therefore be permissible, but would not qualify for federal charitable tax exemption. Donations to it would be legal, but not deductible for federal income tax purposes. If it did not qualify for any other exemption, it would be subject to payment of federal income tax and filing of income tax returns without regard to how it used the funds.

What are the causes supported on Help India Online?

The crowdfunding for charities included medical expenses of family, memorial, daughter marriage.

Where does HIO work?

Help India Online currently working in 18 states of the country, and launched 2 legal state chapters for social entrepreneurs.

In which sectors HIO work?

HIO majorly works in 5 sectors - Education Wing, Preventive Health care Wing, Employment Wing, Social Entrepreneurship Wing, Digital help Wing. And some other wings are DMIT Wing, Product Wing, E-Governance Wing, Training Wing and continue to add more projects soon.

What does the Education wing do? is an E-learning portal where students can learn the skills according to their need and interest. All the digital courses and books are available for all generations of the community. The foundation has launched more than 10,000 digital and professional free online courses, more than 2 lakh E-Books, and 1st to 12th all medium Courses on learning App meeting the global standard of education.

What does the Preventive healthcare wing do?

Preventive healthcare means prevention of illness to decrease the burden of disease and associates risk factors. Help India Online Foundation launched a certified Preventive Health Care Consultants training programs complying with Ayush Ministry’s COVID-19 Protocol. The training is compiled by Aurvedacharya, Yogacharya, Health Consultants, Nutrition Experts, Naturopathists and Neuropsychologists. HIO runs the PHC Consultant program in collaboration with NSDC and Ayush Ministry. HIOF’s PHC Wing imparts training for maintaining balance in Body and Mind, Healthy Food, Meditation & Pranayam, Ayurvedic Cure, Women’s Health and Sex Problems. HIOF has obtained ISO 9001-2015 certificate and offers to members research based patented Ayurvedic products approved by Ayush Ministry and FSSAI.

What does the Employment wing do?

Employment Wing assists job seekers, job providers and self-employed. It is a community-based platform for job seekers, job providers and self-employed to exchange job or opportunity as per requirement of service seeker and skill sets of service providers.

How does the Digital Help Wing work?

Help Wing extends helping hands to members in crisis through community fundraising for marriage of sister or daughter in blood relation, major crisis like death, permanent disablement and for thirty-four critical illnesses. While empathizing the happiness of giving to contributors, the power of multiplication transforms small donation from Rs. 3/- to Rs. 10/- into a big financial help to needy as per Rules & Regulations in force and benefitted 443 members by digital help worth Rs. 2.56 crores to in just one and half year.

What does the Social Entrepreneurship wing do?

Social Entrepreneurship wing consisting of E-commerce and E-Governance platforms. On which we promote the products made by members with moderate profit while savings in supply chain system and advertisement expenses are distributed amongst members based on their purchase as such enriching other members of family. Also, we are arranging bank finance facilities for self-employed, micro, small and home industries and marketing their products in home galleries.

What is a fundraising campaign, how do I set a fundraiser campaign?

Help India Online created a special website “Helping Hands” for fundraising. A campaign will have the information, photos and documents that you have provided during the campaign. A campaign is related to many different payment options, and donors can access this page to make donations. Every donation is made through reflected in the progress bar. You can set up the fundraising campaign for yourself, for health, for memorial, and for daughter marriage. You may attach supporting documents( Photos, ID, medical documents) related to your cause on the campaign page to build trust.

How can I register with HIO?

Step 1 - The first step is to visit Help India Online website.
Step 2 - Once you are on the website, Click on the Register tab on the Home page.
Step 3 - A form will appear. Fill the desired details there. Please fill your Referral Id if you don’t have that click on “don’t have a referral” it will generate it for you.( Referral Id- It is a unique id for every member).
Step 4 - After filling all your details, Tick the terms and condition block and choose your Payment Gateway option .
Step 5 - Fill the billing details, then Choose your payment option, and fill the required details.
Step 6 - After successful payment, you will get Register Successfully. (Sponsor id, User ID, password, etc)

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