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Help India Online is a Social Platform where professionals use business techniques to achieve a positive social purpose. Simple define say about HIO is earning with happiness in large public interest. Today, anyone with a smartphone can participate in making a great change with great ease. We believe in each person has a power to make social changes, to promote brilliant ideas, to save someone’s life and to make a world better place to live. HIO is to deploy best possible methodology and technical assistance for achieving the goal to make India “VishwaGURU”. HIO is a mission driven, affiliate foundation, or non-profit organization that helps people online in fundraising, donate to charities and solve social issues.

HIO is an Non-profit Organization that enables to raise funds across India for healthcare, memorial, daughter’s marriage, disaster relief and other social causes. Founded in 2018, with the mission to make excellent and passionate entrepreneurs and to build a better life for individuals and communities.

HIO as hybrid Social enterprise – Business Doing Good

Help India online is a hybrid organization, finding innovative ways to challenge the traditional thinking about nonprofit organizations (by focusing on economically sustainable models) and for-profit businesses (by focusing on solving social issues). They introduce structures and incentives typical of profit-seeking businesses into organizations with charitable goals, assuming that an institutional setting focused on profits will outperform one focused on charity. HIO also encourages for-profits to donate to charities, create affiliated foundations, and, with state stakeholder legislation, attend to social goals aside from profit maximization.

HIO works in 5 sectors of society.


HIO implausible dream of world class online classes and repurposing higher education that give students the “right and opportunity” to participate in school governance, and in constructing the physical, social, and cognitive school environment. A Flexible curriculum that can be individually tailored to the interests, talents, and abilities of each student. Provides personal support for each of its students and engages students in 21st century learning tasks that are authentic and personally meaningful. In other words, a world-class education system of HIO moves students and their learning beyond the walls of their classrooms and even the borders of their country.

Preventive Health Care-

Help India Foundation is the first organization in India which has taken the initiative to work on Preventive Health and implement it across the country, keeping in mind the health problems. Our team is working on special Preventive Health Care training, awareness, preventive health products and camps in the former curve of the country. Preventive health is better than the healthcare model. The importance of preventive health care that it decreases the burden of diseases and associated risk factor.


Due to challenges of present labour markets, they are struggling with an always mind boggling scope of issues—from constant joblessness or under work to demographics shifts and the impact of digital and technological evolution. HIO created India’s first community based job platform that provides free career counseling and upskilling training and support to build a nation and facilitate government in their main area.

Helping Hand-

HIO creates a top notch community that helps each other digitally in every situation of life without any interest. Fundraising provides a digital help platform without taking any charge and moving out people from their life crisis. HIO is one of the top crowdfunding websites that enables anyone across India to raise funds for healthcare, memorial, and marriage.

Social Entrepreneur-

HIO gives you the opportunity to grow your small business on large scale through the support of our community members digitally. Social Entrepreneurship is to help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms. HIO goal is to invigorate conversation, bring issues to light, and give a stage to sharing thoughts that improve the lives of poor and reshape whole economies.

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