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WHO We Are

Help India is a Social Platform where professional use business techniques to achieve a positive social purpose. Simple define say about HIO is earning with happiness in large public interest.

WHy We Do It

In 21st century where everyone involve to use high technology and life will remain so busy it’s a model where everyone meet digitally and help each other in every crisis along with business interest. It’s called Social entrepreneurship one step ahead from entrepreneurship.

WHat We Do

Our every volunteer doing same task that government or government servant need to do for society. We empower society in 5 powerful ways like world class education, Preventive health care, Employment, Help in crisis and Social entrepreneurship.

NL Tibrewal National Chairman

Help India Online endeavour to strive in training and educating the future entrepreneurs. HIO is designed with the vision to develop it as the centre of excellence in the field of Education.

Dr. Jagdish Pareek National Executive Chairman

Help India Online is the biggest revolution of the country in terms of education transformation and generating social entrepreneurs for society. We are creating the world's biggest social entrepreneur family.

Dr. MFA Pawan Pareek National General Secretary

Our community works to adjoin every Indian real power and create a sustainable hybrid model of social entrepreneurship to work and support each other on a common platform for common goals.

HIO Foundation Priorities and Theory of Change

Our foundation working on two foremost old Indian ethnicity strength one is World class education for every Indian and second is Live community culture.

Healthy & fit India Mission

Here our foundation give light on Preventive health care is far better than health care expenses and how its cost effective for individual as well our nation.

Organising for changemaking

Our community working to adjoin every Indian real power and creating sustainable hybrid model of social entrepreneurship to work and support each other on common platform for common goal.

Social Entrepreneurship

HIO Foundation selects world-class social entrepreneurs who are leading the way to an everyone-a-changemaker world. Every change maker helps each other and in every crisis of life without any returns interest for improving nation social security.

Youth Up-skilling

Up-skilling not only empowers role-centric proficiency, it rather grooms their soft skills like communication, behavior and personality development. Such skills bring a positive transformation in the professional temperaments of employees and prepare them to take up new roles involving those who currently don’t have existence.

How We Fight

Social entrepreneurship

HIO is generating social entrepreneur for India and giving them high quality training to survive in competition era. They using “Buy one, give 1 !” formula for helping society In short Profit with Purpose

E-governance Revolution

HIO has their own platform and digital APP for using all government & non-government services in one click. We are using B2C, B2B and G2C model for serving our community.

AI- Robotics

AI- Robotics & Nanotechnology (Environment – Energy) - HIO is working to provide compressive solution of all technology that will change future live-hood of country. Simple & doorstep solution for all community members.


21st century education and learning system is quite different. In this advance era HIO is philanthropic gratis world class education system to Indian community and institutions to survive in competition and creating country again as world leader.

Preventive Health

We all have spent far more money and time in treating illness than we do in maintaining health. As a result of this imbalance we spent more money in hospitals, institutions and nursing homes. We HIO as Pioneer in preventive health care in India imparting training, awareness camp, products and research to save cost of citizen in health care.

Youth Upskilling

The key is to match the requirements of the society and industry along with the education system. HIO is playing vital role through industry relevant 3E Upskilling program.

Our Mission - Make India Vishwaguru Again (Aano bhadraah krathavo yantu vishwathaha - Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides )

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Striving to provide authentic
learning for all

preventive health

Preventive Care Provides The
Benefit Of Saving Lives


Online employment solution for
people seeking jobs

helping hands

We believe in your power to make someone smile

Social Entrepreneurship

We provide full and specific solution for every client.


About help India Foundation

We are committed to changing education meaning in our institutions and creating superlative thought based community who serve each other in every situation of life.

Our Progress

we are dedicated to improving lives and building a future of Nation through world class education system and connect digitally every citizen of India to support each other in every crisis of life. We are proudly announced Help India Pariwar.

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HIO Foundation News

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Latest Press Releases

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जयपुर के नचिकेता गुरुकुल में डीएमआईटी व काउंसलिंग रिपोर्ट का कार्यक्रम हुआ

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A Word From Our Customers

"Use education as man making tool in society. Education is a biggest power of human being. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

Dharam Narayan Joshi

"No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way."

Roni Raman Motivational Speaker

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."

Narendra Harsh Social Worker & Businessman

" Most people have a very strong sense of organizational ownership, but I think what people have to own is an innovation agenda, and everything is shared in terms of the implementation. No body of knowledge needs an organizational policy. Organizational policy can only impede the advancement of knowledge. There is a basic incompatibility between any organization and freedom of thought."

Dr. Pawan Pareek

"Scientists, Sociologists, Legal Jurists, Professionals and students each have their own understanding and definition of “Law” apply law as power of citizen."

Goverdhan Singh Advocate Jaipur High Court

"Indian culture certainly gives the Indian mind, including the mind of the Indian scientist, the ability to think out of the box. I have the highest respect for the concept of 'Advait' - the oneness of all humans - that is central to Indian culture, thought, and religion."

Vishnu Pareek Motivational speaker, life coach and poet

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. The media is the right arm of anarchy. The media transforms the great silence of things into its opposite. Media, the plural of mediocrity."

Padampati Sharma National Media & Employment Expert

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